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We specialise in bad credit mortgages and mortgages for self employed people, assisting people whose situation is non standard or more complex.

Whether you are a first time buyer, moving home, wanting to raise finance with a remortgage or simply looking for a better mortgage deal, contact us for professional mortgage advice on the right mortgage solution for you. Help is available even if you are self employed, have been declined by a lender, have a poor credit rating or CCJs.

It's not easy getting a mortgage these days, particularly if your credit rating is anything other than immaculate. As a specialist mortgage broker we can advise on which lenders are more likely to say yes!

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For most people a mortgage is their biggest regular expense and consumes a large proportion of their monthly salary. Because it's such a huge commitment, it's crucial to get the right solution. Failing to get the right deal could prove to be very costly in the long run. You need to be aware of all the options and be sure you're not missing out on products which could save you a fortune in interest payments.

As  a whole of the market mortgage broker, we provide unbiased advice and will direct you to the most suitable products. We can save you time and hassle by liaising with the lender on your behalf and assisting you with the necessary paperwork.

It can be tricky deciding whether to go for the cheaper variable rates or opt for the security of a fixed rate.

Complex cases

We specialise in assisting those people whose situation is more complex than others and the complexity can manifest itself in many different ways. The applicants income can be complex, with income being derived from several sources. The applicants employment status can be complex, with self employment and contracting proving to be an obstacle with some lenders. The applicants credit history can be complex, with an historical impaired credit rating causing issues, despite a faultless recent credit history. If you're self employed or have a bad credit rating, contact us to see if we can help.

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